How to maximize fun, and minimize frustration on the slopes during peak seasons for your family ski trip. 

Christmas week at Blue Mountain 


Crowds during a family peak season ski trip can be an absolute madhouse, with learners, pros and everybody in between trying to take on the slopes. But it’s also the most magical time of the year, and if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas there truly is no better way to spend your family holiday than gliding through powdery snow.

With days on the slopes and evenings spent around a roaring fireplace, your peak season ski trip will most certainly provide a lifetime of memories for your family, so here are a few tips to navigate the longer lift lines, increased people on the runs, pricier accommodations, and a crowded après scene over this period.



One of the biggest complaints over this busy season is the lines. To require last minute lift tickets, lunch, boots, skis and ski passes you’ll be standing in a line, taking out a chunk of frustrated time that could be spent skiing. This can be easily avoided with a bit of pre-planning and preparation. Buying in advance is the simple answer to a more productive winter holiday ski trip.  Season passes, lift tickets, rental skis, accommodation and just about all you need for your trip are available online, and at discounted prices if you buy in advance – saving you both time and money.


Your location on the mountain is important. Most people tend to congregate around the center of the resorts ski area, head high and towards the outer edges and you should find a little more space.

Remember, not only do you want to be at the right ski resort you also want to find that perfect accommodation in close proximity to the slopes. Some resorts can get loud and busy, so make sure you do your research on accommodation and resorts before your trip, to make sure it is the right place for you and your family. Many resort areas have alternative accommodation and condos close to the slopes, but just away from the hustle and bustle of the main resort – these are always a great option for families. 


Like most things in life, the early birds win when it comes to skiing. Timing is everything at a ski resort, if you can get to the lifts when they open, you’ll be up and away before the ski-school rush hour (which you really want to avoid). The earlier start will also mean you finish up a little earlier, allowing you to miss the mad- dash rush at the end of the busy day.


Pack a snack in your bag, and use the lunch hour rush to get some serious shredding in. Between about 12 – 2 you can be guaranteed fewer crowds, and using this time will mean you can enjoy your après celebrations earlier too. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day, always leave people in ‘holiday zone’, so make sure you take advantage and consider skiing first and celebrating later. The gift of less congested runs will be more than worth the sacrifice.


Yes, holiday seasons are busy, but at the end of the day, you are on vacation, on the ski slopes, not stuck in an office – so enjoy it! It may be busy, and at times congested, but also everyone is in their happy place, and the vibe, and high energy is apart of what makes this time of year so wonderful. If you do find yourself waiting in a line, take the moment to look around and appreciate the spectacular scenery.


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