Here is why you should book your Canadian ski trip for January!

Skiing in Blue Mountain, Ontario

Canadian skiing is world renowned, not only for it’s exquisite mountain scenery, but the country is also famed for the quality and quantity of its snow. As well as the snow reliability, Canada is the go-to place for powder, making it one of the many reasons it is on every seasoned skiers bucket list.

When it comes to hitting the slopes it’s so important to get your timing just right. The Canadian snow season is generally from late November until April, although resorts will extend it into May if conditions are good. It’s important to consider your own circumstances ( school/ work holidays, budget ect ) when deciding on when to travel, but here is why we think January is the perfect time for you to book your Canadian ski trip.


1. Less Crowds

kids’ school schedules and holidays are one of the biggest predictors of crowd levels — and prices! For those who can schedule around these times, you are in luck. With most schools going back around the 5th January, you’ll find mid January to have fewer crowds,  you wont have to fight for space on the slopes or afterwards at the après spots. Also, you’ll find more hotel availability and better rates. – Take advantage : Look at this awesome deal from The Lodges at Blue Mountain. 

2. Plenty Of Powder

Skiers can find unique rewards this month. January and February are known to be the coldest months but also known to have the best powder. Something that has made Canada one of the most popular ski and snowboard spots. The dark middle of January, when temperatures are coldest, and crowds are at their smallest, offers a special opportunity for skiers who like skiing for skiing! It’s during this period when snow can be at its best and powder days are often exercises in pure glee.


3. Cut Prices

With Christmas break just having passed, and February mid-term still a way away, things are quieter in January, meaning cut prices for you! From ski passes, rentals, flights and accommodations, you can definitely find some amazing deals over this period. If budget is what you are going for, make sure the accommodation is warm, reliable and in close proximity to the slopes, as these days are definitely cooler and shorter.  For luxurious accommodation, most big ski resorts have alternative accommodation close to the resort which could better suit your needs. If you are looking in Canada, companies like The Lodges at Blue Mountain is always a good option, with their expert knowledge and variety of accommodation options available.


4. Ideal For Beginners


If you have a beginner in your crowd, January is definitely the perfect time for you. Not only because the slopes are less clustered, but also the conditions are great and the snow is fluffy. Also January is officially learn to ski and snowboard month, so many resorts have great packages for beginners.

So yes, the weather may cooler, and the days a little shorter, but wrap up tight and hit the slopes in January! Blue Mountain , Collingwood offers day and night time skiing, which means even more practice and fun. If you haven’t yet experienced Canada’s great combination of good snow and impressive terrain, uncrowded slopes, and a very laid-back culture, now is the time to do it!


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