Blue Mountain is the Ultimate Family Winter Vacation Break, and here is why!

Winters are always dark, cold, and in Canada can seem longer than necessary, but lucky for us, Canadians never shy away from these winter months – they embrace them! It’s important to put the ‘win’ back in winter, and make the most of the activities around your area.With it’s thriving tourist and local community and wealth of natural attractions, Blue Mountain should  be high on your list of potential places to visit with your family and make it your annual vacation destination.

1. Keep ’em outdoors


We all want to make sure our children get their fair share of outdoor activity, but competing with computers and smart phones has made this a challenge. Vacationing in Blue Mountain, however, will make for plenty athletic options, making it way more enticing for your young ones to be out in nature. They’ll have access to Ontario’s best and largest ski resort. With over 40 trails to choose from, it will take many an hour to explore every part of Blue Mountain Resort. The mountain has beginner courses, night skiing, and terrain parks, meaning there is truly something for everyone.


2. Accommodation is plentiful


No mater what you are looking for, there is always the perfect accommodation for everyone. for something luxurious and peaceful, there are beautiful new vacation rental homes in a brand new waterside community on the edge of Georgian Bay. Click here to view. Or for a more rustic and spacious chalets, there are large homes in close proximity to Blue Mountain, such as THIS, 6 sleeper, or even THIS 8 sleeper.  There are also wonderful spots in Mountain Springs Resort, and Mountain Side Condos perfect for families of all sizes. Make sure to click on the embedded links for options and suggestions.


3. Blue Mountain Village

Not only does Blue Mountain Village have plenty to offer for all age groups, it is also safe and extremely family friendly. They host year round events, such as rail jams, fireworks and family weekends, and also have spas, shopping, live music and must see attractions 365 days of the year. Come rain or shine, snow or just bitter cold – Blue Mountain Village is a daily hub for many families.


4. Time Together

Kids love adventure, adrenaline and new surroundings, but most importantly they love spending time with you. Family time is important, and it’s unfortunately often lost in our fast pace, long work-hour lives. Taking the time to plan and enjoy a break together goes a long way, and with so much to do in the area families are creating life long memories right here. Whether you chose to do the same things each year to reminisce in the memory of past years and traditions or you decide on new age appropriate activities each year, the magic of Blue Mountain will forever bring back family memories for everyone.


5. Progression

Yes, it’s wonderful having an all inclusive holiday, sitting around spas and hotel pools, but what families love about their annual Blue Mountain Winter holiday is watching the progression of their kids on the slopes. Many children learnt to ski here, and year after year return with improved skills, stamina and pride. Watching children learn, grow and progress is a wonder we too often miss out on. Families take videos and photos to compare each year.



6. Friends


Returning each year has many benefits, but one we have noticed which families treasure the most is the connection between other families on similar schedules. Located all over Ontario, families book their trips at the same time each year, where they meet with people who soon become friends, watching kids grow, enjoying many apres evenings together and enjoying their annual leave.


There are plenty of great reasons to explore new spots in Canada each year. But likewise there are many reason to return to tried and tested much loved holiday destinations. Blue Mountain has proved for many years a popular choice, and we love seeing families returning for their weeks of fun in the snowy mountains.


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