Studies have shown that weekend trips can actually be better for your mind and mood than long vacations. The new environment and short break encourages you to get away from the stresses of life. Whether its work, rancorous politics or overwhelming grief getting you down, a mini vacation allows you to focus on rest, adventure and most importantly, the present moment!

With that said, it is certainly time for you to take that quick getaway! And with Blue Mountain right on your doorstep, it’s going to be the perfect destination for your escape. In case you need more convincing, here is why Blue Mountains is the perfect quick getaway destination:

Simple to plan


Organizing your trip to the Blue Mountains is a lot easier to put into action than a trip that involves hours of driving, or crossing oceans to get there. It’s a beautiful drive from all over Ontario, with many great stops along the way. The convenience  of it all means it’s as simple as making a decision, booking your accommodation, packing a getaway bag, and leaving your worries behind!

Relatively Cost Effective

In comparison to many ‘stress reliever trips’, a Blue Mountain getaway can be done within a great budget. With cheap dinning options, nature at your doorstep and affordable accommodation, your costs can be kept low.


Nature Is Calling

Not only is nature the best medicine, it’s also free entertainment. Whether you are bringing kids along, your partner, or coming solo – the mountain, lakes, and natural beauty of Blue Mountain provide endless hours of entertainment, fun and a great mindful escape.


Accommodation Options

No matter your budget, there are plenty of accommodation options available in Blue, and most likely you will be able to book last minute. Accommodation varies from 1 bedrooms to luxurious 8 bedrooms chalets, all centrally located around top attractions.

#Toptip As soon as you’ve decided on your getaway, make sure to try book your accommodation in advance.  This way you get complete choice over your amenity options, room sizes and location. View Blue Mountain accommodation options and availability here.


Easy to disconnect

With so much on the go in Blue Mountain, it’s easy to disconnect – and what more could we ask for from a mini vacation. With concerts, kids entertainment and annual events, there is always something to get fully involved in. For ideas of things to do and family fun in Blue Mountain, have a read here.


Off – Season Rates

One of the greatest things about living close by, and taking a quick getaway, is you can take full advantage of off peak rates. If you are completely flexible, use opportunities like Blue Mountain Lodges 20% Off weekday special.  But if weekends are all you got, out of season you are bound to find some great offers too.


There you have it. From perfect location, entertainment, and affordability Blue Mountain ticks all the boxes, and is a top choice destination for a quick getaway. If you would like to book your accommodation,  use this link to receive 10% off for your direct booking.


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