Are you thinking about visiting Collingwood or checking out Blue Mountain? If you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug, you won’t want to miss out on our Q&A with Petula from Ontario travel blog Let’s Discover ON! Bloggers Tony and Petula have dedicated their blog to travel and tourism exclusively in Ontario. From their About Us page:

“We created this travel blog to share our experiences on unique events & places to visit in Ontario. From day trips to weekend getaways, we hope our blog posts and videos inspire you to get out and discover the many great destinations around Ontario!  The focus will be on fun, free or low-cost, family-friendly activities, adventures and culinary tourism.”

We recently connected with Petula and asked her to share great travel tips, tell us more about Ontario travel, and share her experiences visiting Collingwood.

Visiting Collingwood & Ontario Travel – Q&A With Petula


Want to learn more about travelling in Ontario and what it’s like to visit Collingwood? Check out our Q&A with Petula below!

What inspired You Two To Begin Exploring Ontario?

Tony and Petula; image from Let’s Discover ON – About


“Both Tony and I were looking for a creative outlet and he already had the gear and skills so he thought, ‘why not.’ We had previously done day & weekend trips in Ontario but never documented them other than through pictures, so creating videos was new and exciting for us both. We wanted to encourage others to think local travel too.”


What Advice Do You Have For Those Who Are Just Getting Into Travelling in Ontario?


“Ask for travel advice and recommendations from friends, family and online. You’ll be amazed at how much people are willing to share and you’ll also save yourself so much time and effort by doing so.”


Do You Have Any Tips For Packing Light on Day Trips or Weekend Stays?


“Pick one outfit per day and then pack just those items. You’ll most likely end up wearing up the same outfit for the entire day, and won’t end up wearing as many clothes as you think.”


When travelling, people tend to eat out a lot. Do you have any culinary tips you can share?



“Support a local independent restaurant owner / operator especially those that source local ingredients. We also prefer to stay at B&Bs (bed & breakfasts) for the multi-course breakfasts that are offered.”

(You can learn more about culinary tourism in Ontario from Let’s Discover ON right here!)


How Many Places in Ontario Have You Visited? How Many Times Have You Visited Collingwood?


“We’ve been to 25 various places since we started travel blogging. We’ve lost count on the exact number we’ve visited Collingwood, however at least 5 times for sure!”


We See You Attended the Famous Collingwood Elvis Festival – Can You Tell Us a Bit About That Experience?


“It was SO much fun and amazing to see people from all over the world and of all ages come together to celebrate Elvis, have fun and dance on the street.”

(You can check out Tony and Petula’s article on the World Famous Elvis Festival here!)


Are There Any Other Blue Mountain or Collingwood Attractions You Would Recommend to Those Visiting For the First Time?


“Scandinave Spa is on the top of our list!”

(We also think Scandinave Spa is an awesome place to check out when visiting Blue Mountain – check out our listing of local spas here!)


Visiting Collingwood or Blue Mountain? Stay at Blue Mountain Lodges!



“Our unit was very comfortable for me, my husband, and daughter. The location was close to the village. My daughter loved the pool and how close it was to the unit. The staff were friendly and welcoming. We liked having less then a five minute drive to the beach! We hope to go again next year!”

– Jordana Solomon
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