Top 10 Scenic Attractions Blue Mountain – The Blue Mountain and Collingwood area is home to some of the most beautiful scenic views and outdoor adventure hotspots. Although the first thing that comes to mind for many when they think of the Blue Mountains are the ski slopes, the Blue Mountain area has so many things to do and places to explore any time of year. Check out the list below, or continue reading to learn more about each scenic attraction in detail!

  • The Scenic Caves
  • The Ridge Runner Coaster
  • The Georgian Trail
  • Timber Challenge High Ropes
  • Pretty River Valley Park
  • Thornbury Harbour
  • Spirit Rock Conservation Area
  • Feversham Gorge
  • Georgian Hills Vineyards
  • Blue Mountain Ski Slopes

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Top 10 Scenic Attractions Blue Mountain

Looking for the ultimate outdoor sightseeing adventure? From hiking trails to vineyards, these 10 scenic attractions in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area are sure to pique your interest. Learn more about these great attractions in the list below!


1. The Scenic Caves

The Scenic Caves offer adventure for the whole family!
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Admission (for Caves + Suspension Bridge):  $26.50 (adults) / $24.25 (youth under 18)
Seasons Open: Spring, Summer, Fall (Nordic Centre open in the winter)
Top Choice For: All Ages
Other Notes: Running shoes or hiking boots are required to enter the park

The Scenic Caves are an extremely popular attraction in the Blue Mountain area. While visiting the Scenic Caves, you can view nature’s beautiful, natural caves and go on cave tours, explore nature trails, go gemstone mining, or spend a relaxing afternoon having a family picnic by the trout pond. If you are up for a bit more adventure, there are also ziplining activities or you can explore the suspension bridge. If you don’t know where to start, tours are also offered in the area, including eco adventure tours. The Scenic Caves offer action-packed adventures for the entire family!


2. The Ridge Runner Coaster

The Ridge Runner Coaster is one of the only coasters that runs all year round


Admission:  $16 (adults) / $13 (youth)
Top Choice For: All ages looking for adventure
Seasons Open: All year
Other Notes: To ride alone, you must be at least 13 years old

The Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster is a must-do attraction when visiting the Blue Mountain area. Experience the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains like never before with this amazing coaster that covers over 1000 km of track! You can adjust the speed to your liking, so you can take a leisurely ride down the mountain, or, if you prefer a bit of adrenaline, you can crank up the speed at its max at 42 km/hr! This is the perfect way to experience the natural side of the Blue Mountains any time of year – including the winter!


3. The Georgian Trail

You can cross-country ski the beautiful Georgian trail in the winter
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Admission:  Free (parking fees may apply)
Top Choice For: All Ages
Seasons Open: All year
Other Notes: Dogs are permitted, but must be kept on a leash at all times

The Georgian trail is a gorgeous 34 km trail that runs along the Southern shore of the Georgian Bay between Meaford and Collingwood. There are many different entrances into the trail, which is ideal if you will be doing more exploring anywhere between Collingwood and Meaford! This trail is perfect for hikers and nature-explorers of every skill level. You can choose to go on a short, 30-minute walk, or spend the entire day exploring, cross-country skiing, or hiking with your family. Click here to learn more about some of the best trails in the Blue Mountain area!


4. Timber Challenge High Ropes

The Timber Challenge High Ropes offers extreme outdoor adventure!


Admission:  $63 (adults) / $48 (youth)
Top Choice For: All ages looking for adventure
Seasons Open: Closed during the winter
Other Notes: As a safety precaution, pregnant women and those who have had kidney transplants are not permitted to use the ropes

The Timber Challenge High Ropes course is an amazing way to view the beautiful Blue Mountain and Collingwood area from above! This extreme outdoor adventure is ideal for those who want something more than a hike through the forest. This adventure is ideal for those who enjoy high-adrenaline activities. Please keep in mind there are some weight and height restrictions as well as other recommendations and restrictions, so ensure you head on over to the information page before buying tickets!


5. Pretty River Valley Provincial Park

Pretty River Valley Park will help you see the natural beauty in the Blue Mountains!
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Admission:  Free (parking fees may apply)
Seasons Open: All year
Top Choice For: Those looking for a quiet adventure
Other Notes: This is a ‘non-operating’ provincial park, which means it does not have additional features or amenities for camping – however, it is perfect for day trips, fishing, hiking, and cycling

Pretty River Valley Provincial Park is an absolutely stunning park that runs along one of the highest points of the Niagara Escarpment. Because of that, visitors can expect to see some amazing scenic views of the escarpment’s geological features and beautiful waterways. There have been over 400 species of plants identified in this park. As well, the park is part of the Niagara Escarpment Parks system and the Niagara Biosphere Reserve. Because of this, visitors are asked to respect the fragile wildlife and natural features of the area.


6. Thornbury Harbour

The Harbour offers breathtaking views and fun outdoor activities for the whole family
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Admission:  Free to walk around (additional fees may apply)
Top Choice For: Couples and families
Seasons Open: Closed during the winter
Other Notes: The surrounding area offers quaint local restaurants and other things to do

The Thornbury Harbour is often ranked #1 on visitor’s list of things to see in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area. On Trip Advisor, it has the ‘certificate of excellence’ and was ranked #1 thing to do in Thornbury! The Harbour provides a beautiful, scenic view of the Georgian Bay and provides many accessible paths for pedestrians to explore the area. You can also kayak, fish, or get some drinks at the beverage patio.


7. Spirit Rock Conservation Area

The historic ruins at Spirit Rock are definitely something you will want to see
Image source: Robert Taylor,


Admission:  Free but parking fees do apply
Top Choice For: All Ages
Seasons Open: Closed during the winter
Other Notes: When hiking through Spirit Rock, you can make your way to the top of the Niagara Escarpment!

Spirit Rock Conservation Area offers incredible views of Colpoy’s Bay – this scenic area is perfect for taking amazing pictures and checking out the local historical sites. Spirit Rock is great for families, as children will love taking the spiral staircase to the shore of Georgian Bay. You can also explore the ruins of the “Corran”, a late 1800’s mansion. Along the trail, there are two short loops you can take to explore the surrounding nature. One trail will take you to the ruins of the McNeill Estate, while the other is a section of the Bruce trail which leads to the Spirit Rock Lookout. You can view the map here!


8. Feversham Gorge

Feversham Gorge is sure to bring you stunning years all year round
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Admission:  Free (parking fees may apply)
Top Choice For: All ages looking for adventure
Seasons Open: All year
Other Notes: Ensure you wear proper footwear while hiking, as the trail can be rocky

Feversham Gorge is a must-see when searching for the best scenic locations in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area. This gorgeous trail is located within 29 acres of conversation land. You will be amazed by the breathtaking geological formations as well as the beautiful foliage and natural life. As you hike, you’ll get to experience cold water springs, amazing towering limestone walls, mixed tree cover, and so much more. Learn more about the Gorge here!


9. Georgian Hills Vineyards

The Vineyards offer a relaxing experience and gorgeous views
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Admission:  Various package fees 
Top Choice For: Adults; couples, and groups
Seasons Open: All year
Other Notes: Ensure you wear proper footwear while hiking, as the trail can be rocky

Scenic doesn’t always mean hiking trails and extreme outdoor adventures. For those who prefer more laid back attractions, the Georgian Hills Vineyards offers beautiful scenic views as well as wine tasting, tours, and more! You don’t have to be out in the wilderness to experience the breathtaking scenery of the Blue Mountain area. This is the perfect date spot or afternoon/evening activity.


10. The Blue Mountain Ski Slopes

The top of the slopes offers an amazing view of the village and surrounding area
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Admission:  Various package fees 
Top Choice For: All Ages
Seasons Open: Winter
Other Notes: If you don’t have equipment, fear not! You can rent ski and snowboarding equipment right at the slopes

This list wouldn’t be complete without showcasing Blue Mountain’s amazing ski slopes! The slopes offer something for everyone – beginners can feel at ease on the bunny hills, while experienced skiers and snowboarders can take on the more challenging slopes. The slopes also offer amazing views of the surrounding area, and you won’t want to miss out on the fun family adventures too!


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