In our Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding at Blue, you’ll learn about the best places to snowboard, the equipment you’ll need and things to bring on your trip, tips for hitting the slopes, and more! Blue Mountain has 364 skiable (and snowboard-able) acres serviced by 12 lifts. It is Ontario’s largest mountain resort. It has 43 named trails ranging from beginner slopes to double black diamond steeps and features stunning views of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment. Contact Blue Mountain Lodges today to book accommodations for your upcoming snowboarding trip in the Blue Mountain area!



The Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding at Blue


Where To Snowboard At Blue

Don’t worry about doing this just yet – Blue Mountain has many slopes appropriate for beginners!


Snowboarding is one of the best ways to take advantage of the cold winter months. In Ontario, the snow often lasts from November – April – that’s nearly half of the year! Staying inside all winter won’t be fun for anyone, and deciding to take up skiing or snowboarding is a great way to stay active during the winter and learn to embrace the cold.

So, what is Blue Mountain? Blue Mountain is an alpine ski resort located on part of the Niagara Escarpment approximately 1 km away from Georgian Bay. Although many people see Collingwood and Blue Mountain as the same place, they are actually separate locations. Blue Mountain is located just northwest of Collingwood.

Blue Mountain is a huge destination for people all over Ontario and Canada. It sells over 750,000 lift tickets per year, making it the third-busiest ski resort in Canada! The slopes at Blue Mountain accommodate snowboarders of every skill level. Check out the slope map here to view all of the trails! The beginner slopes are not steep at all, so you won’t have to worry if you fall once (or ten times!) Check out the video below to learn more about winter at Blue!


Blue Mountain makes it easy to embrace the cold this winter!


So, where do you go from here? Blue Mountain’s website contains all the information you need to book your snowboarding trip! To get lift tickets and to find out more information on which slopes and trails are right for beginners, click here. If you are not feeling confident about starting your snowboarding adventure, you can even sign up for private lessons right at Blue to help get you started!


Snowboarding Equipment – Renting vs Buying

Either renting or buying can be a cost-effective choice, depending on how often you go snowboarding


One of the first questions all beginners ask is ‘ Should I rent or buy snowboarding equipment?‘ The answer to that question is complex – and one only you can answer. Most people don’t buy equipment until they are sure that it is an activity they enjoy and will do every winter.

To help you decide which is right for you, we’ve taken a look at the costs for both renting and buying equipment. Renting your equipment at Blue will cost $54 each time. Equipment rental at Blue includes the snowboard, your boots, the helmet, and your valet package. You’ll need to bring your snowboarding pants, jackets, and other winter gear (like gloves and thick socks) separately.

Buying your equipment will cost significantly more up front. According to Transworld Snowboarding, the total price to buy standard equipment will cost you around $1000 or more. Here is a budget breakdown below:

  • Snowboard with bindings: $465 (snowboard and bindings usually sold separately)
  • Snowboarding boots: $220
  • Goggles: $100
  • High-quality gloves: $175
  • Average-quality snowboarding jacket: $150
  • Average-quality snowboarding pants: $100
  • Synthetic underwear & socks: $100

On top of these items, you will also need a good helmet. The average for a helmet costs around $120 on average. In total, you’re looking to spend $1430 for all of your middle-of-the-road snowboarding equipment. This is ideal for a beginner – you don’t need the best of everything just yet!


If You Snowboard More Than 30 Times In a Season or Two, Buying Is More Cost-Effective

With these numbers in mind, it is up to you to decide what is worth it for you. In order to get your ‘money’s worth’ out of your equipment (i.e. how long will it take for buying equipment to be more cost-effective than renting equipment), you will need to snowboard at least 30 times.

After renting equipment 30 times, you will spend over $1,500 in total, making it more cost-effective to buy equipment. On top of that, with your purchased equipment, you won’t have to worry about spending more money the following winter. Most snowboarding equipment lasts at least 5+ years, and significantly longer for those who snowboard casually.

If you think that you will only snowboard less than 5 times per season, buying the equipment is probably not worthwhile. However, if you plan to take many winter vacations, live within driving distance from the slopes, and want to pursue snowboarding as a hobby, you could easily end up going 20+ times in just one season. In that case, buying would most likely be worth it for you!


Snowboarding Tips For Beginners

Beginning your snowboarding adventure can seem overwhelming. Even the beginner slopes can feel intimidating while you’re still getting used to all the snowboarding equipment and the feeling of your feet strapped to a board. These tips should help you feel more comfortable, even if it’s your very first time. Check out this great video below by SnowboardProCamp to learn the 10 skills every beginner should know. You can also check out our Beginner’s Guide To Snowboarding Quiz to see if you’re ready to hit the slopes!


These skills will help you feel more comfortable during your first time snowboarding


Fortunately, if you are still not feeling totally comfortable snowboarding on your own, Blue Mountain offers a variety of lessons to help get you started. On Mpora’s list of 10 beginner snowboarding tips, #1 is actually to take lessons! Here are some other tips they suggest:

  • Ensure you wear the appropriate clothing and gear – You won’t want to be too cold (or even too hot) while out on the slopes. Being comfortable will ensure your first experience is a good experience.
  • Ensure you wear the right protective gear – Even on beginner slopes, you can take a pretty hard tumble. And if you’re a beginner, you will most likely spend a lot of your time on the ground! Ensure you wear the right gear (like a helmet and goggles) to keep you safe.
  • Prepare to fall and do it properly – As mentioned above, you are going to fall. Prepare for it, and don’t feel discouraged. On top of that, learn to fall properly to reduce the chance of injury. Instead of putting your hands out to stop your fall, which can hurt your wrists, cross your hands over your chest instead.

Like these ideas and want to know more? View more tips from!


What To Bring On Your Winter Vacation

Packing for your upcoming snowboarding trip means you’ll be packing for a winter vacation. Many of us in Ontario are used to packing for warm weather and sunny days! If you own snowboarding equipment, you’ll want to ensure that is one of the very first things you pack. If you forget anything, you won’t want to have to spend money renting an item you already own!

Unlike summer trips, you will also have to bring a larger variety of clothing. You may want a nice winter jacket that you can wear to a fancy restaurant – but you’ll also want your heavy-duty skiing or snowboarding jacket when you’re out on the slopes. You’ll probably want to bring regular winter boots, snowboarding boots (if you own them) as well as comfortable shoes or more formal footwear depending on your other plans.

Check out our ultimate winter vacation checklist below to get an idea of some of the most important things you should remember to bring on your snowboarding trip. You can also download the printable PDF version of this checklist by clicking the button below!





Snowboarding at Blue – Find The Best Accommodations!

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Stay at the Top Accommodations In Blue Mountain During Your Snowboarding Trip!


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