Many dog owners know that it can be difficult to plan a dog friendly vacation. Fortunately, more and more vacation destinations are becoming pet and dog friendly. Vacationing with your canine companion can be a lot of fun, but also comes with some potential risks. In order to have the best vacation possible with your furry friend, it’s best to plan ahead and learn how to have a fun and safe vacation with your dog. If you are looking for a great dog friendly vacation destination, Blue Mountain is an excellent choice! Blue Mountain Lodges offers many pet-friendly accommodations – click here to contact us now!



How To Have The Best Dog Friendly Vacation

Bringing your dog along on your vacation can be an awesome way to bond with your best pal! However, taking your dog out of his normal routine and bringing him to a totally new place can be stressful – so it’s important to ensure that your pup stays safe and happy as you travel. Here are some tips on how to have the best dog friendly vacation so every member of your family can enjoy some time away!


Planning Your Trip

Thoroughly planning your trip will help ensure you make the most out of your vacation


The first step to having the absolute best dog friendly vacation is to thoroughly plan your trip beforehand. Because there are many places that are not pet-friendly, you will have to do your research to find accommodations that you and your dog can enjoy.

You will also want to choose a destination that offers many pet-friendly activities. It would be a shame to arrive at your vacation destination only to find out that dogs are banned from walking the trails, or that there are no dog parks anywhere close by!

So, how do you find the perfect accommodations in the perfect dog friendly location? Here are some tips to help you choose the right place for you and your whole family.

  • Call hotels/accommodations ahead of time: Many hotels or accommodation websites will state that they offer pet-friendly accommodations. However, that does not necessarily mean that every room or rental is pet-friendly. It’s better to be safe than sorry – call ahead and of time to confirm which options are (and are not) pet-friendly – and make sure you specify that you will be bringing along your dog.
  • Ask about size restrictions: Occasionally, rentals and hotels will have a weight restriction for dogs. If you have a larger dog, you will want to double check that there are no size restrictions in place.
  • Search for local dog friendly activities: If you want to bring your dog along to the beach, on the trails, and around town, search online to see what local dog friendly activities your vacation destination offers. If you aren’t getting a lot of hits, you may want to try another location.
  • Read reviews: Check out reviews for accommodations that boast of pet-friendly rentals or hotel rooms. You’ll want to see what other pet owners have had to say about not only the hotel or rental, but the location!

By thoroughly planning your trip ahead of time, you can reduce the risk of having some potentially frustrating situations – such as learning that your specific room isn’t dog friendly! You can also reduce your own stress levels, which in turn will help your dog feel happier and calmer.


Safe Travels

Although this looks cute, it’s not safe to leave your dog loose in your car


It is important to keep your dog safe as you travel in your vehicle. Many dog owners will choose to drive to their destination with their dog, as it is the most convenient option. However, if you do plan to travel by air, you can check out some tips from CNN for safe air travel with your dog.

For road trips, it is important that your dog is restrained – either by some sort of harness or seatbelt, or safely inside a crate. If you have a bigger dog, crates can be difficult to fit into your car. However, it is important that you find a restraint method that works.

Leaving your dog loose in the car can dangerous – for both you and your dog. If you get into an accident or even stop abruptly, this can cause your dog to fly forward towards your windshield – and towards you or others in the car.

Here are some tips for ensuring the car ride is as peaceful as possible:

  • Ensure your dog is comfortable with the restraint method: Whether you choose a seatbelt, a crate, or a barrier system, ensure that your dog is comfortable with it ahead of time. It is not ideal if the very first time your dog enters a travel carrier is during your 10-hour road trip! He should be comfortable and confident around whatever safety method you use before you take your trip.
  • Take breaks: Your dog will still need to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom during the car ride. As you take pit stops for yourself, ensure your dog has the option to drink fresh water, stretch his legs, and relieve himself. Ensure he is always on-leash during your breaks.
  • Do not feed while driving: Do not give your dog edible chews (such as rawhides) or feed him his kibble while driving. Just like humans, a dog can choke due to bumps or abrupt stops. If you need to feed him his meal, do it while parked at a safe location. If possible, wait 20+ minutes to help him digest and to avoid potential motion sickness.
  • Keep the A/C on (if it’s hot): Dogs get hotter much faster than we do. If your dog is confined in a crate, it can feel even hotter for them inside. If you are feeling a bit warm, so is your dog. Keep them comfortable in warm weather!
  • NEVER leave your dog alone in the car: Do not leave your dog alone in the car. Death from overheating can occur in just 10 minutes, with serious side effects occurring even more quickly. If you are travelling alone with your dog, find rest stops that are dog friendly. For example, some hardware stores will allow you to bring your dog inside with you if you need to grab a snack or use the restroom. If you are alone, plan your pit stops ahead of time!

Travelling with your dog can be a lot of fun – but it’s important to get both you and your dog safely to your destination first.


While On Vacation

Bringing your dog along on vacation can help you both experience new things together!


You’ve arrived at your vacation destination – all that planning and preparation has paid off! Now, the fun can begin. If you’re not sure what an awesome vacation could look like with your dog, check out the fun video below that showcases Hamlin and his owner as they travel to San Diego!



Whether you choose to go to a hot and sunny vacation destination, enjoy the fall colours in autumn, or hit the snowy trails with your best friend, here are some tips for making the most of your time away no matter what time of year.

  • Visit dog friendly attractions: Like we see in the video above, there are many dog friendly attractions that are specifically designed for dog owners to enjoy while vacationing. Check out local attractions with your dog – you will both make tons of fun memories!
  • Visit dog cafes: Dog cafes are popping up all over cities across North America! Why not check out the local dog friendly cafe while you are out exploring town?
  • Check out the local dog park: While your dog should ALWAYS be kept on-leash while on trails, in town, or walking around your hotel (unless otherwise specified in any given location), the dog park is a great place to just let your dog run burn off some extra energy. As he is likely outside of his normal routine, he may need a bit of time to just run and have off-leash fun! Some dog parks even act as attractions, such as Beautiful Joe Park, near Blue Mountain!
  • Get outside: The best things you can do with your dog will be outdoor activities. Just remember that if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors exercising, bring along fresh water for your dog. Even if the weather is cool, it’s important that you both stay hydrated!

Travelling with your dog can be so much fun! But it’s important to remember that not everyone loves dogs – so be respectful of other hotel-goers who may not want your dog jumping up on them or getting in their space. Bringing your dog on vacation means your dog will be around a lot of new people, sights, sounds, and smells. This can be overwhelming. It’s important to look out for any signs that your dog might be stressed out, so you can take a breather and not over-do it.

Tips For An Awesome Vacation With Your Dog – An Infographic

Check out our infographic below for the summarized tips we’ve listed above – if you find it helpful, feel free to share it!



The Best Dog Friendly Accommodations in Blue Mountain

Some of our Prestige accommodations by Blue Mountain Lodges


If you’re looking for the perfect dog friendly vacation, Blue Mountain is one of the best places to find dog friendly accommodations! At Blue Mountain Lodges, we offer a wide variety of dog friendly accommodations so that you can have a fun, safe vacation with every member of your family.

We are happy to welcome you and your four-legged friends to one of our many accommodating condos, chalets, and resorts. Before you book, please keep in mind that we do have a few policies regarding bringing pets along. If you are interested in bringing your dog with you, please take a look:

  • Uphold our high level of sanitation by cleaning up after your pet, including pet hair
  • Respect your neighbouring guests by maintaining quiet noise levels and keeping your pet on a leash when you leave your Chalet or Condo
  • There is a one-time $25 pet charge, which covers extra cleaning we will need to perform in order to ensure our next guests are not affected by pet odours or hair
  • We ask that you notify our staff prior to arrival, preferably at the time of booking, that a pet will be joining you (A few of our rooms are pet-free)

When you stay at a pet-friendly rental, you can enjoy so many new experiences with your pooch! Many of the accommodations at Blue Mountain Lodges are close to a variety of amenities and outdoor activities that allow you easy access to dozens of fun activities for your whole family to enjoy. Learn more about booking with us here.


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