Collingwood Property Management | Blue Mountain – Are you looking to purchase a property in the Collingwood or Blue Mountain area, or considering renting out your current property? Working with a local property management company gives property owners many benefits. including lower vacancy rates, excellent care and maintenance of your property, less stress on the homeowner, and more! Continue reading on to learn how you could benefit from property management in the Collingwood area, and how Blue Mountain Lodges can help.


Considering working with a property management company in Collingwood or Blue Mountain?


Collingwood Property Management – Why Invest In Collingwood, Ontario

If you just recently purchased a property in Collingwood, Ontario or you are considering a new investment, the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area is a great choice! If you aren’t familiar with the area just yet, check out the map below to learn more. The red outline shows all of Collingwood – click and grab on the map to scroll around and see more, or use the + and – symbols on the bottom right to zoom in and out.


Map showing Collingwood, Ontario and the surrounding areas


Purchasing a home in Collingwood not only offers you, the homeowner, an amazing property in an absolutely beautiful location, but it also opens up many opportunities to make a profit by renting out your property or properties. Many people are now choosing Collingwood for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Collingwood and the Blue Mountain is a popular tourist destination: Did you know that 1.5 million people visit Blue Mountain every single year? Collingwood is only a short drive away from the Blue Mountain ski slopes and Blue Mountain Village, making it an ideal location for tourists in both the winter and the summer!
  • Steady rise in property values: Over the last decade or so, properties all over Ontario have been growing in value, and Collingwood is no exception. Investing in a property now, while it’s expected that the market will continue to rise, is a great way to get the most from your property.
  • Increasing population: Collingwood is one of the 25 fastest growing communities in all of Canada. More and more people from across Ontario, Canada, and the rest of the world are choosing Collingwood as their home, either as a place to retire or to raise a family. As the popularity increases, so do the resources the government is willing to provide to accommodate this growth – which is great for those who choose to move or rent here.
  • Collingwood offers a wide variety of properties: Collingwood has a wide variety of different types of properties to choose from – from isolated forest retreats and cottages to cozy townhomes and modern condos close to many attractions. Because of that, there really is something for everyone!

Whether you choose to live in your Collingwood property full-time, rent it out for half the year, or rent it for just a few weeks, there are many ways your investment can work for you! Not only that, but you will love the time you spend in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area, whether you are a pro on the slopes, love the nightlife, or enjoy relaxed hikes through the many local trails and scenic adventures.


Take The Hassle Out Of Managing Your Own Property When You Work With Property Managers


If you choose to purchase a property with the intent of renting it out for all or part of the year, you may be wondering how you will be able to handle that along with all of your other responsibilities. Managing a rental property (or properties) can be confusing, stressful, and extremely time-consuming, especially if you have never done it before. Working with a property management company has many benefits and can take all the guess-work out of your management experience. Continue reading to learn why working with property managers is the best way to go when renting out your property!


Avoid Legal Problems

Unfortunately, renting out a property can leave yourself vulnerable to potential legal problems and even potential scams regarding contracts, rental agreements, damage done by tenants, and more.  When you work with a property management company, you won’t have to worry about potential legal issues. An experienced management company will know all the ins and outs of your area’s bylaws, as well as laws regarding rentals, tenants, and landlord regulations.


Reduced Vacancies

The last thing you want to deal with when renting out your property is extended periods of vacancy – after all, your property is an investment, and you don’t want it sitting there empty for weeks (or months) at a time. Fortunately, when you work with a property management company, you won’t have to worry about as many vacancies.

Your property management company will help reduce vacancies in a number of ways. They will properly advertise your property, either through their website, on third-party sites such as Trip Advisor, on social media, or any other marketing strategy they may employ. They will also ensure your property is in tip-top shape and give you tips on how to improve it, as they know exactly what renters are looking for.


Lower Maintenance Fees

Maintaining even one property can be costly and time-consuming – if you have more than one property, it may end up feeling like a full-time job. A property management company can help you by offering competitive management fees that include maintenance as part of the deal. A professional management company will also have access and connections to local, professional contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and landscapers that you can feel comfortable working with.


Find The Best Tenants

Working with a professional property management company can help ensure that you only have the best tenants staying at your property. An inexperienced property owner may not know the signs to look out for in a poor tenant or renter. They may also not know how to screen tenants effectively. A property management company will do their due diligence when it comes to tenant screening. They’ll look out for the best tenants, and in turn, this will help minimize wear-and-tear on your property and will help you avoid nasty scams that are directed at property owners.


The Benefits Of Renting Your Collingwood Property Through Blue Mountain Lodges


The Lodges at Blue Mountain was started by a single chalet owner in 2002. Within the first year of this rental experience, the vision was born to offer other owners a similar experience.

Today we are a mid-sized firm, whose management has well over twenty-five years vacation rental management experience and are uniquely positioned to be able to offer a high-quality professional service to both the Homeowner and to our Guests. When you choose to rent your property through Blue Mountain Lodges, we offer you all the benefits listed above, and more!

  • Years Of Experience: At Blue Mountain Lodges, you can rely on our expertise and our 25+ years of experience to work for you. We know the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area well, and now manage over 100 homes and rental properties of all shapes and sizes.
  • We Work With You: We want you to feel comfortable through every step of the process. We pay attention to the owners’ needs and provide a more personalized management experience.
  • Inclusive Service Package: Our management role includes sales and marketing of all our properties, full cleaning and maintenance staff, and security, giving you the peace of mind that we are looking after your investments. These are services required to properly maintain homes of the calibre we represent. All homes offer high-quality bed, bath and kitchen linens at one low cost to the homeowners.
  • Excellent Communication: We understand that trusting your property to someone else can be a big decision. Because of that, we work honestly and conscientiously for our owners and ensure that you feel taken care of through great communication with us. We have many ways you can get in touch with us; over the phone, through email, or even in person.

If you would like to learn more about Blue Mountain Lodges’ Property Management Program, click here!


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When you choose to work with Blue Mountain Lodges as your property management company, you will be happy to receive reviews about your property such as the one below:

“Found the check in great with email confirmation and easy access key code for the front door. The decor in our unit was quite nice and location and proximity to skiing, village and golf is great. Very safe, very clean, would do it again. Great service the owner/manager went out of his way to recover a hairdryer we left in the unit”

– Carlo
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At Blue Mountain Lodges, we offer accommodations in these five categories below. Each area has something unique to offer. From the beautiful view of the slopes at the Mountain Springs Resort to large and luxurious 5-star accommodations; there really is something for everyone!


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