Looking to book your stay in the Blue Mountain Village? The Blue Mountain Village and surrounding area are known for its ski slopes and beautiful trails – but there is so much more to do! Check out our listing below that showcases 40+ things to do in Blue Mountain Village and the surrounding area. Whether you choose to visit in the spring, summer, winter, or fall, there is something to do for you and the entire family all year round! Get the best deals on accommodations with Blue Mountain Lodges – contact us today!


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Blue Mountain Village – Things To Do

Below, we’ve listed off 40+ ideas of things to do in Blue Mountain Village and the surrounding Blue Mountain & Collingwood area. We’ve also categorized each event and idea into 5 different categories: Top 5, Family Fun, Romantic Getaway, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, and Business Trips.


Top 5 Ideas

No matter what the reason you’re visiting Blue Mountain and who you are going with, these top 5 ideas are great no matter what the occasion!


1. Hitting the Slopes

Of course, one of the most popular reasons why people visit Blue Mountain Village is to gain access to the amazing slopes. Perfect for beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders alike! Learn a bit more about the slopes below:

“Blue Mountain has 364 skiable acres serviced by 12 lifts and is Ontario’s largest mountain resort. It boasts a vertical of around 720 feet for skiing and riding, 42 named trails ranging from beginner slopes to double black diamond steeps featuring stunning views of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment.” – Source

If you’re visiting in the winter months, you definitely won’t want to miss out. Check out more information about prices and getting your tickets here.


2. Collingwood Elvis Festival

The Elvis Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime-calibre event that takes place every summer in Collingwood. This event is family-friendly and will definitely be an experience to remember. The Elvis Festival has lots of fun and interesting activities and events you can attend. Check out the video below to learn more about what attending the festival is like!


3. Hiking Trails

The Blue Mountain and Collingwood area is home to many beautiful hiking trails – from the spectacular Georgian Trail to the amazing Spirit Rock Conservation area. Hiking the trails is one of the best ways to enjoy the Blue Mountain area no matter what time of year – many trails are popular from summer to winter! Some trails are perfect for beginners, while others are best suited for more experienced hikers. No matter what your experience level, there’s something for everyone. Check out our listing of top 10 trails here!


4. Stay Cozy Inside

One of Blue Mountain Lodge’s accommodations

Many people choose to stay in the Blue Mountain Village and surrounding areas not only because of all the fun and interesting things to do and attractions but also for high-quality accommodations. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, remember to enjoy the accommodations you’ve booked! Staying cozy inside with nothing to worry or think about is one of the best things about a vacation! You may also want to choose accommodations with extras such as a BBQ, hot tub, or pool so that you can make the most of your stay.


5. Check Out The Candy Factory

It doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 50 years old – almost everyone loves the nostalgic feel of a candy shop. The Candy Factory is a favourite in Collingwood, and a must-see for visitors of all ages. On their website, they write:

“Stepping into the Candy Factory is like stepping back into a time when going to a candy store was a special event. You will find treats to highlight a meal, a holidaya special event or just to satisfy your craving. There is something for everyone.”

If you’re looking for an afternoon event on a lazy day, consider checking out the Candy Factory. Pick up some sweet treats for your bachelorette party, splurge on the kids, or get your employees a gift they’ll definitely appreciate! No matter what the reason you’re in town, you won’t want to miss out on this shop.


Things To Do – Family Fun

Blue Mountain Village is the perfect place for a family getaway. There are things for every member of the family, including tons of activities and events that children can take part in! See below for some great ideas.


1. Kids Summer Day Camps

If you’re taking a trip to the Blue Mountain in the summertime, why not let your kids be kids at one of the many high-quality day camps offered in the Blue Mountain and Collingwood area? There are day camps available for every interest, from martial arts camps to sports camps to science camps, dance camps, circus camps and more! Click here to see a listing of the many available summer day camps.


2. Visit The Beach (Or a Few!)

When you visit Blue Mountain, you will get to experience some of the very best beaches in all of Ontario. We are home to not just one, but many beaches! Going to the beach is a simple trip that is perfect for the whole family – it’s low cost, low effort, but tons of fun for everyone! There are even some beaches that are dog-friendly or have dog-friendly areas so you can bring every member of your family. Some beach ideas in the Blue Mountain & Collingwood area include:

#1 – Northwinds Beach
#2 – Beaches of Blue Mountain
#3 – Beaver River Canoeing

Learn more about these beaches and more here!


3. Dog Sledding

Looking for a winter adventure that your kids will be sure to remember? Dog sledding is a fun activity perfect for the entire family. For many, dog sledding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! At Rob Roy Farm in Singhampton, you will have the opportunity to travel with your very own team of four Huskies over a 1/3km track! You don’t have to be skilled to have fun – these highly trained sled dogs work with anyone of any skill!


4. Visit the Scenic Caves

Canopy walks at the Scenic Caves; Image source: Visitgrey.ca

The Scenic Caves is the perfect day trip for the adventurous family. If you are looking for an extreme outdoor adventure, the Scenic Caves really has it all! You can go zip lining, canopy walking, and caving – or you can play a relaxed game of mini golf for those who don’t like heights (or depths!) For those with younger kids, you can also get educational tours of the caves – a leisurely tour fit for people of all ages.


5. Plunge! Aquatic Centre


If your family loves swimming, they will have the experience of a lifetime at Plunge! Aquatic Centre. Plunge! is an all-ages waterpark and is open year-round, which means you don’t have to visit during summer to enjoy this aquatic adventure. There is an indoor and outdoor pool, rope swings, slides, and an indoor playground. If you’d rather sit back and relax while the kids play, you can take a seat on the sidelines and read a book or watch the kids play!


6. Attend the Apple Harvest Festival

The Apple Harvest Festival – Source: Visitgrey.ca

The Blue Mountain Apple Harvest Festival happens every year during the Thanksgiving weekend, and includes cozy autumn fun for the whole family! Better yet, this event is free to attend and includes lots of activities and events that children and adults alike can enjoy. This event is not just located in Blue Mountain – it is a large event that spans from the Blue Mountain Village area to Thornbury & Clarksburg. Enjoy the outdoor music, performers, warm drinks, delicious food, and so much more!


7. Attend The Frozen in Time Festival

Looking for a fun event to attend with the kids? The Collingwood Frozen in Time Festival is a great way to make the most out of the cold this winter. If you need a break from the slopes or fast-paced activities, you can take it slow at the Frozen in Time Festival. Enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures, take an old-fashioned wagon ride, or watch the dozens of street performers. The festival happens every year – so if you’ve missed it for 2018, plan for next year!


8. Visit Beautiful Joe Park

Beautiful Joe Park; Image source: Skeezix1000 from Wikimedia Commons (image cropped)

Some Local History for you: Halfway between Collingwood and Owen Sound on Georgian Bay is a pretty little town called Meaford, where pets of all kinds are celebrated. Meaford is actually the home of Canada’s most famous dog, Beautiful Joe. He is buried the historic Beautiful Joe Park at 162 Edwin Street, and there are many monuments throughout this 8.5-acre tranquil park that celebrate the animal/human bond. If you haven’t heard of Beautiful Joe,  he was a real dog with a sad story but his life changed when he was rescued by a local Meaford family!

Canadian author Margaret Marshall Saunders, from Nova Scotia, met Beautiful Joe and wrote a children’s book about him back in 1893. It sold millions of copies and was translated into at least a dozen languages. Not bad for a little dog from Meaford! When entering the park, It’s recommended that you pat Joe‘s head at the Welcome statue for 100 dog years of good luck! Feel free to enjoy Beautiful Joe Park and soak in the history, but remember that it is a designated historical site with many visitors, please respect others by leashing your dog as the posted signs indicate.

However, if you want some space for your favourite furry friend to run off leash, you can visit Meaford’s Leash Free dog park at 35 Grant Avenue. It has 2 fully fenced runs, and it is called Beautiful Joe’s Leash Free Dog Park (not to be confused with the historic Beautiful Joe Park mentioned above!) It is moments away from Memorial Park which has a dog beach at the far end of the Park.

There are lots of hiking trails close by including Trout Hollow Trail whose entrance is across the street from Beautiful Joe Park (Edwin Street), the Georgian Trail (starting at Meaford’s Harbour), the Tom Thomson Trail and Bruce Trail are in the vicinity as well.


Things To Do – Romantic Getaways

Blue Mountain Village and the surrounding areas have lots of great attractions that are perfect for romantic getaways with your significant other! If you’re stuck trying to plan the perfect trip, here are some great ideas to get you started.


1. Visit Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa is one of the most popular spas in Blue Mountain. It features a gorgeous Finnish Sauna, Norwegian Steam Bath, Thermal & Nordic Waterfall, and hot baths and cold plunges. This is the perfect place to get a couples massage or spend a relaxing afternoon away to reconnect with your significant other. To finish off your time there, relax for a while at the Solaria, relaxation areas, or outdoor fireplaces.


2. Wine Tasting – Georgian Hills Vineyard

Looking for a romantic afternoon out? Visit the Georgian Hills Vineyard to sample some of the distinctive local wines made from grapes that grow right on the hills overlooking Georgian Bay! While at the vineyard, you can learn more about food and wine pairing, and how to do it yourself when entertaining guests. You can also choose from two different wine with food tasting experiences: Perfect Pairing or Winter Sweet Wine.


3. Take a Stroll Through Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountain Village is a quaint spot filled with restaurants, local shops, and more! If you are visiting during the winter, you will be amazed by all of the lights and gorgeous holiday decor. However, the Village is a great place to visit all year round. If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend your afternoon or evening, or love to shop with your significant other, simply walking around the Village is the perfect, uncomplicated date.


4. Horseback Riding

Many people don’t get to experience horseback riding, especially if they’re from the city. Horseback riding can be a memorable opportunity, and it’s offered right here in the Blue Mountain area! If you want to surprise your adventurous significant other with a fun activity, consider this idea. It could make for some great memories (and awesome Instagram photos)!


5. Visit a Local Coffee Shop

If you want a change from your normal Tim Hortons or Starbucks routine, there are many local coffee shops in the Blue Mountain area to check out. Each shop is unique and has something different to offer! For a low-cost date while you’re out exploring the town, a coffee shop can tick all the right boxes and give you your caffeine fix!


6. Grab Dinner at C&A Steak Company

C&A Steak Company; Screenshot from casteak.com

If you’re looking for a classic romantic date, C&A Steak Company can give you the perfect experience. Time to put on your fancy dress and nice clothes, this gorgeous restaurant will give you and your partner reason to dress up! The menu has something for everyone, including salad options, steak, seafood, and more. If you’re visiting Blue Mountain and looking for the perfect night out, you’ll find it here at C&A Steak Company!


7. Get Beavertails For a Fun Snack

Beavertails are one of Canada’s favourite desserts, but they are sometimes hard to come by! When you’re in the Blue Mountain area, you can’t miss out on the joy of sharing a beavertail with your partner. While out and about, take some time to enjoy this Canadian tradition and make some fun memories.


8. Rock Climbing

For the more adventurous couple, there are lots of rock climbing options around the Blue Mountain area! However, novices should be aware – all of the mountains are considered very challenging, which means they should only be attempted by skilled and experienced climbers. If you and your partner fall into this category, you can have a super fun, challenging adventure together. One of the more popular rock climbing spots is Metcalfe’s Rock, as it provides excellent top roping and breathtaking views of the Kolapore Creek Valley from the summit.


Things To Do – Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, there are so many great options for fun in the Blue Mountain area. Whether the future bride or groom prefers a quiet night in or an exciting night out, there’s something for everyone!


1. Check Out U-Pick Parties

If you’re running low on party supplies and want to go all out on fun bachelor/bachelorette decorations, check out the U-Pick Parties shop in The Blue Mountains. This shop specializes in balloon art – which can be a fun and silly thing to add to a light-hearted party, especially one where the bride or groom doesn’t want anything over-the-top. You can check out the store here!


2. Rent Accommodations With All the Extras

Property #7465 by Blue Mountain Lodges

Many bachelor or bachelorette parties these days are low-key events with just a group of close friends. If you are planning a friend’s party or your own and you are looking for a relaxed event, consider that the accommodations you choose can actually be the event! Picking a big, beautiful lodge, cottage, or chalet with pool and hot tub access is a great way to experience a luxurious party without evening leaving your hotel. Splurge on room service if applicable, or get the absolute best take-out and enjoy a night of fun!


3. Dine At The Huron Club – Restaurant & Bar

If you’re looking for a great dining experience, you won’t want to miss out on the Huron Club. From a wide variety of delicious food to local craft and import beer, cocktails, wine, and more – you and your friends will have the perfect night out. There is also live music featured at the club, perfect for those who want a bit more than just a dining experience. You can also choose to sit out on the beautiful patio, which is great for those cool summer nights!


4. Visit Smash Ping Pong & Nite Club

Smash Nite Club – Image source: smashbm.com

Looking for something a little different to do at your bachelor or bachelorette party? Check out Smash Ping Pong & Nite Club! You can rent one of four Olympic standard ping pong tables and challenge all of your friends! The club also features two huge projector screens that play sports games, so you can sit back with a drink and watch the game if you aren’t into ping pong. The club is family friendly until 9pm, and after that is 19+.


5. Check Out Twist Martini Restaurant & Lounge

Located right in the Blue Mountain Village, Twist Martini Restaurant & Lounge is a great place to spend a night out on the town. A great option if you want food & dance – after dinner is served and the evening sets in, there will be a DJ and dancing. This is great for a girls night out or simply one stop for food on your list of bachelor/bachelorette activities.


6. Dine at Kikaku Sushi Bar

Looking for sushi in the village? Kikaku Sushi Bar is the only place to get sushi in Blue Mountain Village. It’s open 7 days a week and will satisfy your sushi craving. Sushi is a great dining option when you’re out with friends, as you can share meals and try new things! If the weather is nice, choose to sit outside and you’ll get a beautiful view of Blue Mountain.


7. Get a Thrill On The Ridge Runner


The Ridge Runner coaster isn’t just for kids – blogger at Nellecreations.com recommends checking out the Ridge Runner if you’re planning the perfect bachelorette party in Blue Mountain! The Ridge Runner is a great way to check out the mountain, and it’ll be a fun thing to do with friends, whether you go in the summer or the winter. You’ll also get some pretty spectacular pictures!


8. Check Out The Timber Challenge High Ropes


Another activity recommended by Nellecreations.com after attending her friend’s bachelorette party in Blue Mountain, the Timber Challenge High Ropes is the perfect bonding activity to do with your friends. This ropes course can be done by individuals and teams – so if you have a large group of people, you can split everyone up into teams and enjoy some friendly competition. Keep in mind this activity is only available during the summer months.


9. Attend An Event Together

There are many events that happen in the Blue Mountain Village all times of the year. If you have a lot of time to plan out your party and you’re looking for something more than just a fancy restaurant or hanging out in the hot tub, consider planning your party during an event! For example, if you love watching live sports, considering planning your party during Frozen Rail Jam or the PGS Snowboard Nationals. There are also lots of other events happening throughout the year, so check out the calendar to see if any of these events would be ideal for you and your friends to attend.


Things To Do – Business Trips

Taking a business trip to the Blue Mountain Village? If you’re going away with co-workers, there are lots of fun things to do while away for work. Check out the list below!


1. Go Golfing

Can you think of a more classic activity to do while on a business trip? If your coworkers and boss love golfing, you’re all in luck! Blue Mountain and the surrounding area have tons of beautiful golf courses, perfect for many different skill levels. If you’re having trouble picking the perfect golf course for your trip, check out our listing of the top 7 courses here! You can also see our top three suggestions below:

#1 – The Georgian Bay Club

Phone Number: 519.599.9949
Average Price: $$$$$
Number of Holes: 18
Landscape Style: Open space with ponds & ravines
Course Access: Members only

#2 – Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club

Phone Number: 705-445-3911
Average Price: $$$$
Number of Holes: 18
Landscape Style: Forested with slopes and ponds
Course Access: Semi-Private

#3 – Oslerbrook Golf & Country Club

Phone Number: 800.616.4623
Average Price: $$$$$
Number of Holes: 18
Landscape Style: Forested with lots of ponds
Course Access: Members only


2. Go Cycling

If your team is full of outdoorsy people, you may want to take advantage of the many cycling trails around the Blue Mountain area if you visit during the warmer months. Take your team to rent some bikes and go on an adventure together! This is a great activity that can help build teamwork and create lasting memories together. Not sure where to go? Check out three ideas for biking below:

#1 – The Georgian Trail
#2 – The Trails at Blue Mountain
#3 – Mountain Killer Loop


3. Cross Country Skiing

Another great activity to foster teamwork and create amazing memories is to go cross country skiing together! Cross country skiing is less strenuous than downhill skiing, so it’s a great activity for those on your team who may not have a lot of experience with winter sports. You can also choose to go with just those who want to – and everyone else can stay warm by the fireplaces in their rooms or at a conference centre. Some top ideas for cross country skiing include:

#1 – Highlands Nordic
#2 – Scenic Caves
#3 – Wasaga Nordic


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