Ready to embrace the cold this winter? In our Beginner’s Guide To Skiing at Blue, you’ll learn the best places to ski (or snowboard) in the Blue Mountains and all the gear you’ll need, as well as rental information, top skiing tips for beginners, and some of the best places to stay to make the most of your winter vacation. Ontario winters can be long and sometimes feel like they’re never going to end. However, taking up a winter sport is one of the best ways to reclaim your winter and make it as enjoyable as possible – despite the cold! If you are planning your next ski vacation in the Blue Mountains, contact us at Blue Mountain Lodges to get the best deals on accommodations!

Skiing at Blue Mountain – Where To Go

Getting ready for your upcoming ski trip at Blue Mountain? Whether this is your first time skiing or you’ve been before but you are still learning the basics, Blue Mountain is the perfect place for skiers of every skill level – including beginners! Check out the quick video below to learn a bit more about the amazing slopes and other winter activities available at Blue Mountain.



The best way to find where to go at the Blue Mountain is by reading the most up-to-date trail map. If you are reading a trail map for the first time, however, it can feel a bit overwhelming! This is especially true as Blue Mountain has dozens of trails, all ideal for different skill levels. According to the Blue Mountain map, the beginner lifts include: 

  • Voyageur Quad 
  • Explorer Magic Carpet
  • Little Ripper Magic Carpet
  • Easy Ride Magic Carpet
  • Undergrad Magic Carpet
  • Graduate Triple 

The beginner slopes (shown in green with a large green dot on the map) include: 

  • Gord’s Groove
  • Southern Cross
  • Mary Jane’s Lane
  • Big Baby
  • Explorer
  • Little Ripper
  • Easy Rider
  • Undergrad
  • Graduate
  • Happy Valley 

Many of these lifts and beginner slopes are close to the Cachet Crossing Condos and Anne Heggtveit Drive, as well as South Base Lodge and Gord Canning Drive. If you open up the trail map, you can see two pockets coloured in green near the bottom of the map – these green sections outline the beginner lifts and hills. 

Ski Equipment – What You’ll Need


Before you hit the slopes, you will have to make sure you are prepared with all the right equipment. This doesn’t just include the obvious ski blades and poles – you’ll also need to make sure you are wearing appropriate protective gear as well as warm winter clothing! See below for the equipment you’ll need – we also have suggestions for whether beginners should buy or rent each item. 

  • Skis – including ski boots and poles (recommended: rent)
  • Ski jacket and pants (recommended: use your existing winter jacket and snow pants as long as they are waterproof!) 
  • Goggles (recommended: buy, you can get them for as little as $25!) 
  • Ski helmet (recommended: buy or rent – but make sure you wear one!)
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens (recommended: buy)
  • Layers of clothes (recommended: wear a few different layers, ensuring none are extremely bulky) 
  • Ski socks (recommended: buy)
  • Sunscreen (recommended: don’t forget it! Though it may seem unlikely, sunburns happen frequently on the slopes)

Source – WeLove2Ski: The Beginner Skiers Shopping List

Whether or not you choose to rent or buy equipment is up to you. However, most experts suggest that renting equipment is much more cost effective for beginners. Not only that, but it allows you time to decide if you want to pursue skiing longer term. After all, purchasing all of your ski equipment can be a fairly large investment – the average for a beginner is around $600 – $1,300 while renting typically costs around $50 – $60 per day for boots, skis, poles, and your helmet. 

Of course, you will probably need to bring along your own clothing such as your warm layers, mittens or gloves, jacket and ski pants (you can use any type of thicker, waterproof snow pants if you don’t want to buy specialty ski pants just yet). However, most Canadians already have all or most of these items hanging around in their closet – so you probably won’t have to buy a lot of extra gear except for maybe goggles and ski socks. 


Where To Rent Equipment 

See below to find out the best places to rent both ski and snowboarding equipment – two rental centres are located in Blue Mountain, and the final is located in Toronto, as many visit Blue Mountain from the GTA and may want to have their rental equipment ready before they arrive at the slopes!


Blue Mountain Rental Centres (Two Locations)

Ski Package Day Cost: From $54 
Ski Package Youth/Seniors: From $44 
Planning a winter trip to the Blue Mountains wouldn’t be complete without trying out the slopes at least once! Blue Mountain offers two rental centres, located at Activity Central Building and South Base Lodge.


Alpine Sports Blue Mountain

Ski Rental Information: Click here
Buying Equipment Information: Click here

Alpine Sports Blue Mountain offers a wide variety of rental packages, single ski rentals, and even equipment on sale for your skiing and snowboarding needs! You can choose to select rental packages that include everything you need or rent a select few items (such as just downhill skis on their own).


Sport Rentals

Performance Elan Ski Rental: $60 for one day
Ski Blades Package: $35 for one day
Sport Rentals is located in Toronto (Concord) on Keele Street. They offer a wide variety of both ski and snowboarding packages depending on how long you want to rent equipment for. Their website also offers tips such as the best places to go snowboarding and other equipment rentals, such as cycling and outdoor gear.


Best Skiing Tips For Beginners

If you are hitting the slopes for the first time or it’s been a while since your last time skiing, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that there is to know and do to prepare for your trip. These tips below will help you ease your nerves and get you ready for your ski trip! To start off, check out this short video below from ShawTV Medicine Hat to get some great tips from a ski instructor.



If you are looking for more, we’ve outlined some of the best tips provided by the Adventure Junkies to help you get ready for your upcoming ski trip!


Before You Go

  • Do your research – Before coming to Blue Mountain, take a look at the trail map, read what other beginners have to say about the slopes, and try to find out which beginner slopes would be best for you and your needs.
  • Watch tutorials – Another thing you can do before you arrive at the slopes is watch tutorials online. There are tons of great, helpful videos all over YouTube that provide tips for beginners as well as tutorials on how to do particular things, like take a turn or stop yourself.
  • Warm up – As you get ready to go for the day, don’t forget to warm up. Skiing is a sport, and like any other sport, you will want to warm yourself up beforehand. If not, you may end up sore and uncomfortable!


Equipment Tips

    • Wear your ski helmet (properly) – Throwing a helmet on and forgetting about it is not enough. You need to wear your helmet properly if you want it to actually protect you! You can do this by simply adjusting your chin strap. You want to make sure it is secure; not too loose but also not too tight. Check out the quick video below for a helmet-fitting tutorial!

  • Position your skis – Putting on skis for the first time can definitely feel a little awkward. Putting on your skis properly is a bit of a routine – so check out guides such as this one from Mechanics Of Sport to learn the step-by-step process of putting skis on.


While Skiing

  • Keep your knees bent – As you begin to ski, you will notice that your position is constantly changing. It’s important to try to position yourself consistently so you don’t fall (remember – you probably will fall, but positioning can help you fall less often!) Keep your knees bent and your legs parallel.
  • Learn how to stop – Learning how to stop is one of the most important skills to keep you safe! Many experts say it is the first thing you should learn how to do. Click here to learn a few different techniques on stopping for beginners.
  • Learn how to fall – Learning how to fall correctly is important too. According to Adventure Junkies, you’ll want to spread out the impact as much as possible. Avoid falling on a singular limb – the more surface area, the more your fall will be absorbed.
  • Consider taking lessons – Most ski slopes have lessons available. Even if you choose to just take an hour lesson to learn some of the basics, it’s a good idea to take lessons if you are not with someone who can teach you.


You can learn about these tips and more from The Adventure Junkies!

Where To Stay In Blue Mountain

If you are planning your upcoming winter vacation and want to find the best accommodations, stay with us at Blue Mountain Lodges! We offer a wide variety of affordable chalets, townhouses, condos, cottages, and 5-star accommodations to help you make the most of your snowboarding trip. For a cozy place to rest after an exhausting day on the slopes, there is something for everyone at Blue Mountain Lodges. We also offer ski-in/ski-out accommodations and many vacation rentals that are located RIGHT on the slopes! See below for some of our featured properties. 

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