To follow up with our last post for Father’s Day, I’m going to expand a bit more on some fun and creative ideas for Dad.


– Wood
– Spray Paint
– Aging Solution
– 3/4″ Screws
– Knobs
– Vinyl
– Spray Polyurethane
– Grill Set

1. Cut the wood panels to 4 inches in width and 31.5″ inches in length. Do this for 4 boards. Also cut two pieces that are 2 inches x 15 inches. These will act as straps holding the 4 boards together on the back.
2. Cut one of the strapping pieces on the long edge at an angle (ours was about 30 degrees) to create an undercut. This will give you something to hang it by.
3. Making sure the boards are square to each other and lined up, place the strapping across all 4 boards near the top and the bottom of the back of the sign and drill at least 1 screw into each board. Two screws will make it more sturdy.
NOTE: Make sure undercut is face away on the top strap
4. Make the aging solution by tearing pieces of steel wool and placing them in a jar (use gloves if possible because steel wool can be sharp). Fill jar with distilled white vinegar. Close the jar and let set for at least 12 hours. Shake before using. WARNING: This concoction smells horrible!!!
Paint using Paint Brush. The wood will begin to gray after a minute or so.
Let dry.
5. Design your vinyl and stick it to the top of the board.
Add spray paint of your color choice over the entire board. Let dry and then peel off your vinyl creating a backwards stencil.
Add a layer of spray polyurethane and let dry.
6. Drill holes to attach your knobs where you want them.
7. Add your tools and hang your sign.


Step 1: Lay a tie front side down. Measure and mark 17 inches in from the pointed tip, then cut the tie widthwise. Discard the narrow end of the tie.

Step 2: Using a seam ripper, open the seam along the back of the tie at least six inches, to create a pouch for the glasses.

Step 3: Measure eight inches in from the cut end and mark. Fold the tie at the mark toward the pointed tip; tuck under 1/2 inch of cut edge and pin.

Step 4: Using hand-stitches along the top and sides, secure the folded-over portion of tie to the top layer of fabric beneath it (taking care not to sew the pouch closed). Finish by affixing a set of self-adhesive Velcro dots to keep the case closed.



1. I painted the trim on all the beveled edges of the wooden squares, and while those dried, I painted the MDF {and chose a contrasting trim}

2. I went back and added paper squares, cut to size, on the blocks, via mod podge. When those were dry, I added some flare with painty pens, and adhered them to the MDF while they finished drying. {glue gun is always my weapon of choice, unless you plan on subjecting your gift to extreme temps.}

3. When they were done, each child dipped their hand in paint, and left a signature handprint for Daddy. I touched it up with a rag {smudges are inevitable} And hand lettered the quote above.

4. When that was dry, I used a slight stain on the edges, and touched it up for an older feel, to taste.




My dad name is _________
he is ____ feet and _____ inches tall. He weighs _____ pounds. His hair colour is ______, his eyes are ______, his favorite TV show is _________________. He likes to go to _________. His favorite drink is ________________. For fun he likes to do _____________.  I Love it when daddy __________________.  My favorite thing about my daddy is ________________. I Love my Daddy.






Make some homemade muffins that are dads favorite, or if you aren’t a baker, grab some at the store.
Print off the easy stencil, and apply to a piece of square cardboard. Punch a hole in the top, feed through some ribbon and wrap around the muffin box. Easy as that.



I can say that my dad would still love to receive a couple of these gifts and I’m 26. He loves receiving meaningful and hand made gifts.  Here are some things I love about my dad ; His ‘dad’ jokes, his BBQ skills, his kindness, his honesty, his caring and loving heart, his love of family, his motor cycle and his bear hugs.