The Ultimate Collingwood Bucket List

With its natural beauty and outdoor spaces, Collingwood is swarming with nature enthusiasts from all over Ontario. Whether you are visiting with family, friends or on a solo trip, there is also a great reason to get outside and start an adventure. We’ve come up with a list of the top attractions and things to do for people just like you, who love the great outdoors. See them all in one trip, or experience a couple each time you are in the area, but do yourself a favor and make sure you tick these 8 things off of your bucket list while you are in Collingwood.

#8 Cycling tours

If you’re hooked on cycling, Blue Mountain is without a doubt one of the best places to bring your biking gear and get out. No matter the time of year there is always a form of bicycling activity to get into. From planned tours to free access trails, there is a world of cycling to do in the area. The big route often attracting people to the area is the Georgian Trail, but the area also has smaller less known paths and trails, perfect for a day out.

#7 ATVing

A fast and fun way to get around and explore the area is by ATV tour. Growing in popularly, these tours have its guests coming back full of dirt, memories, but most importantly plenty of smiles. If you’ve had a few active days skiing or cycling, this is definitely a fun, day-off activity, where you get to explore a new part of the area and have a thrill while doing it.

#6 Side Launch Brewing Company

We realize this is an outdoor enthusiasts to do list, so a brewery may be a little out of place. But let’s be honest, after a day in the great outdoors, nothing says the end of a tiresome adventure, like a good beer or four.  The brewery was recently awarded Canadian Brewery of the Year. Its in a good location, with many interesting things to explore, not to mention a great way to get a behind the scenes look at how craft beer is made, served and tastes.

#5 Scenic caves

The Scenic Caves has something for every outdoor enthusiast, in every season. From Summer adventures of zip-lining , suspension bridges, caves and trails to winter trails, cross country skiing and winter tours – it is an adventure and adrenaline junkies dream.

#4 Georgian Trail

“Experiences that are priceless, memories that last a lifetime and admission is free. “

If you are looking for some scenic outdoor activities, the Georgian Trail is a must! It’s beautiful cycle routes through the woods host many natural beauties and wildlife. You’re sure to see some beautiful bird life, deer, chipmunks and many wild flowers.

The cycling trail itself is very well maintained, with gradual changes in elevation, beautiful scenic hills, and adaptive levels of difficulty. There are many trails to choose from, each with their own magnificence.

#3 Sunset Point Park

The park is a beautiful space in the wilderness, with paved and natural paths perfect for hikes, cycling, picnics or relaxing near the water. It’s well known for its spectacular sunsets, and picturesque scenery – so make sure to bring your camera along.

#2 Blue Mountain Village

Known for its activities, entertainment and endless fun, Blue Mountain Village is on most peoples bucket list. But if you haven’t already visited this unique little village, you’re in for a pleasant treat. It is nestled at the foot of the slopes, close to great accommodations and in prime location. The Village is the lively center of Blue Mountain where there is always something happening for every age, and in every season!

Blue Mountain Village hosts events, and activities throughout the year, certainly making it the hub, but it’s quaint cobblestone streets, unique shopping experiences and activities such as horse drawn carriages give it its small town feel which so many visitors love.

#1. Skiing

Canadian skiing is world renowned, not only for it’s exquisite mountain scenery, but the country is also famed for the quality and quantity of its snow. As well as the snow reliability, Canada is the go-to place for powder, making it one of the many reasons it is on every seasoned skiers bucket list. Taking our top spot for a must-do in Collingwood.


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