We get a lot of questions about what to bring to the condo/chalet you have rented for the week/weekend. I have decided to write a list of what we think are staple items to bring with you to make your stay much easier. I have broken it down into sections to make life a little easier and you can print this off and use it as your check list.

-Specialty cooking utensils
-Spices and condiments


-Cosmetic Supplies
-Towels(Chalets Only)
-Blow Dryer(depending on property)

-Beach/Skiing equipment
-Portable Crib
-Laundry Detergent


Fun and GamesĀ 
-Soccer Ball
-Volley Balls
-Baseball glove
-Xbox or Play station
-Board Games
-Phone Charger
-DVD player

-Pillow Cases ( Chalets only)
-Linens ( Chalets Only)
-Specialty Pillows