Kissable K9 will be coming to Blue Mountain on July 11 2018 !!


Kissable K9 is a cosmetic teeth cleaning service for dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and age.

We start off by getting to know your fur baby by introducing ourselves to help make them feel comfortable in a new environment. Once your pet is in our care we take the time to massage and relax your best friend.
It’s extremely important that your baby is comfortable and ready to begin. Once we see they are relaxed we begin our service which takes approximately 1hr to complete. During this time we use all natural products and hand scalars to remove the tartar from the teeth and finish by brushing leaving clean teeth and fresh breath.

Although it’s very rare, if your pet becomes uncomfortable or stressed and the technician is unable to calm them the procedure is stopped and there is no cost to you


We are hosting an event on JULY 11 2018 starting at 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM. To book an appointment, please call
1-877-368-2583 x 203 or ask for Megan.Location it will be taking place : 796468 Grey Road 19 @ Mountain Springs Resort, Blue Mountain ON L9Y0N6


Just look some of these amazing and raving reviews:

My moms 5 year old Scnoodle named Fred had his teeth done today….the before and after are unbelievable…..THANKS to Kissable K9 he has pearly whites and loved every minute of it. Thank you Kissable K9, we will be back in about a years time for another visit. Karen Ward, thanks for recommending these amazing ladies who are so gentle and caring with all the ‘kids‘ ”

My golden suffered from extremely bad breath and his back teeth were dark brown. They did a phenomenal job at cleaning them and found something stuck between his teeth (the bad breath culprit). I highly recommend them. Taking my chocolate lab in May. Kind, caring and affordable.

Had my cat Gizmo’s teeth cleaned by Kissable K9. I had my doubts that they would be able to clean my cats teeth but Jill did an amazing job. Thank you for looking after his teeth and I will definitely be making an appointment for my other cat & 2 dogs when needed. I highly recommend having your pets teeth cleaned this way without the use of any sedation

Thank you for everything! Our customers were so happy.  – Check out this video of a how lovingly they calm down this poor little pup who had some anxiety about getting his teeth done.