Shy Ghost in Singhampton

Mylar and Loreta’s is the first tavern built in Singhampton, the small hamlet just south of Collingwood (you likely have passed by it on your way to Blue Mountain via Highway 124). In the 1850s, a man named Cyrus Sing built the hotel to house travellers and survey crews who came to town. In recent decades it has operated as a hotel and a general store, and since 1983, has been a quaint country restaurant featuring some of the best traditional home cooking around. This is where the legend of Mylar and Loreta begins.

The restaurant takes its name from a tale in which two lovers, Mylar and Loreta, who are separated when Mylar comes to Singhampton to “find his fame and fortune.” After settling in the new town, he sends for Loreta to join him, but she never makes it. Her ship goes down at sea. Mylar, however, never stops dreaming of her and may now roam the restaurant awaiting her return.

According to the current owner of the restaurant, the wayward ghost has appeared early in the morning or late at night. Mylar is tall and thin and he always wears dark pants, a red plaid shirt and suspenders.

One customer swore she would not return to the restaurant after claiming to have seen the ghost of a woman wearing 18th-century clothing in the bathroom. And another left the restaurant after witnessing a man open a drawer, close it – and disappear.

Mylar has appeared dozens of time and in many different places. Most often, Mylar has been seen in front of the kitchen doors, but he has also appeared at the window at the kitchen.

Once, the restaurant owner saw a man standing at the back door. But when she asked, “Can we help you?” he disappeared. Perhaps Mylar is shy. “He doesn’t come when we’re really busy,” says the owner.

Downtown Collingwood Haunted Spots

Molly Bloom’s, the bar located close to the Collingwood Library, is the former building of the Enterprise Bulletin, Collingwood’s local newspaper. The former editor and publisher is thought to still be there. A cigar smoker, patrons periodically report seeing him and smelling his cigar.

The former owner of Collingwood’s Historic Gayety Theatre swears that he was never alone when working at night. Many times he reported catching a glimpse of the previous owner keeping him company.

The Beild House, once a Bed and Breakfast on Pine Street, has been featured on reality television. Formerly a doctor’s home and place of practice, many guests reported seeing and hearing spirits. One, a woman with a terrible head wound, that may have been the doctor’s wife, has been sighted regularly.

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