Theatre Collingwood has some great Performances upcoming up this year. It is a definite stop to make if you are in the area on a Thursday night not sure what to do. There is a show for everyone, from comedies to reliving your favorite music to Disney.  Use the link at the bottom of the page to find out for details about one of the performances below and buy tickets.  Support the local performances while laughing, crying, singing along and maybe even dancing.

Tuesday June 12 2018 8:00PM
Wednesday June 13 2018 8:00PM
Thursday June 14 2018 2:00 PM & 8:00PM
Friday June 15 2018 8:00PM
Saturday June 16 2018 8:00PM

A hilarious and thoughtful comedy, with only 4 actors that will embody over 30 different characters. Book your tickets to watch as Alan and Brenda take the “Charlie Cheetles Charters” tour bus from Ontario to  Florida and back. Dealing with the stress of money and kids.


Tuesday July 10 2018 8:00PM
Wednesday July 11 2018 8:00PM
Thursday July 12 2018 2:00PM & 8:00PM
Friday July 13 2018 8:00PM
Saturday July 14 2018 8:00PM

Leisa Way and her wonderful band of merry men. This productions celebrates over 50 years of British pop and rock music.  Featuring music from The Beatles, The Rollingstones, Elton John, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield and many, many more.


Tuesday August 7 2018 8:00PM
Wednesday August 8 2018 8:00PM
Thursday August 9 2018 2:00PM & 8:00PM
Friday August 10 2018 8:00PM
Saturday August 11 2018 8:00PM

Shaver Bennett has lived as a logger in the wood of northern New Brunswick. One day he arrives at the house of his niece who he hasnt seen in over 20 years. His niece and her wife welcome him into their home. Come down from up River is about family, forgiveness and a laughter, with a couple shed tears.



Tuesday September 4 2018 8:00PM
Wednesday September 5 2018 8:00PM
Thursday September 6 2018 2:00PM & 8:00PM
Friday September 7 2018 8:00PM
Saturday September 8 2018 8:00PM

Musical production that showcases the songs of John Kander and Fred Ebb. This show is filled with humor, romance, drama, and of course non stop melody. 5 people find themselves going through a life of love, babies and of course COFFEE.



Thursday October 11 2018 8:00PM
Friday October 12 2018 8:00PM
Saturday October 13 2018 3:00PM & 8:00PM

Featuring music from your childhood musicals; Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas and Little Shop of Horrors.




Wednesday November 21 2018 8:00PM
Thursday November 22 2018 8:00PM
Friday November 23 2018 8:00PM

Music of the hottest rock & roll starts of the 1950s. With hits like Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Boppers.




Very Chris-Terical Christmas Cabaret

Thursday December 20 2018 8:00PM
Friday December 21 2018 8:00PM

Celebrate the holiday season with Theatre and Musical Director Chris Tsujiuchi. A Cabaret night that will be fun filled with outstanding performances.




Theatre Collingwood is a not-for-profit professional theatre company with charitable status.

To enrich and entertain the community by presenting and producing live professional theatre.
Theatre Collingwood is the pre-eminent, enduring, performance company with a commitment to artistic collaboration, and is a leader in the creation of a Centre for the Arts.” – Theatre Collingwood