Many, many, many guests ask us at the front desk which places in the area do delivery or do take out.
So I have taken the time to contact some places and ask what they offer. I put them into a list on which ones are Delivery and which are just Take-Out.

-Pizza Hut (705)444-6666
-Little Caesars (705)444-6555
-Dominos Pizza (705)446-3090
-Pizza Pizza (705)444-1111
-Toppers Pizza 1(866)454-6644
-Swiss Chalet (705)445-1931
-Boston Pizza(705)443-8776
-The Smoke (705)293-5522
-Kitcho Sushi (705)445-3242
-98 Super Panda(705)446-8098

Take- Out:
-Sushi Hon(705)444-0099
-Wild Wing (705)443-8811
-Firehall Pizza (705)444-0611
-Chuck Burger(705)293-1830
-Mile High Poutine(705)293-7000
-Montanas (705)444-0278
-Hungry Sumo (705)293-1037
-Northwinds (705)445-2666
-Freshii (705)416-1366
-Press Juice Co (705)293-3600
-Bent Taco(705)445-0202