Food trucks are a huge phenomenon right now and having so many close to Blue Mountain is dangerous, but so good.  With such a great selection that is offered, it is hard to choose where to go. Do you want authentic Mexican? or Gourmet? or even just the most amazing fries? or to cheat on your forever on going ‘diet’ and indulge in Funnel Cakes?
Personally, I think I am going to spend one day and hit all the Food Trucks in Collingwood and let my taste buds go wild, trying their most popular items.
Listed below are the Food Trucks stops that are located in Collingwood, ON. Which is about a 10 minute drive from Blue Mountain.
Are you wanting to try some of the best food in town? Drive down to Collingwood and let your taste buds experience some of the best food we have to offer.
What makes these places even better, they are all locally owned and ran. Families and friends coming together to make your taste buds dance with flavour and your soul happy.

Authentic Mexican homemade street food

Located at : 350 First Street, Collingwood ON

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Amazing funnel cakes for the best prices. Also sells: burgers, ball park dogs, tornado potatoes,deep fried mars bars, poutine, deep fried pickles & more.
Located at: 104 High Street, Collingwood ON

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Offers fresh cut fries, poutine, burgers, sausage, hot dogs, pulled pork,fish & chips $ fish tacos. Also offering 18 different flavours of Kawartha Ice Cream.
Located at : Sunset Point Park in Collingwood ON

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Specializes in hamburgers made in house with 100% beef, ground daily.
Located at : 316 Hume Street, Collingwood ON

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Located at : 298 Pretty River Parkway at Thurt-Ts
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Fun Facts about food trucks you might not of know;

+Food Trucks are a great source of charity
+Food Trucks are just as clean, maybe even cleaner then actual restuarants
+The Food Truck business is almost a Billion Dollar Industry
+Most cities mandate GPS tracking devices on Food Trucks
+Food Trucks food is very unique
+Food Trucks are very limited in dozens of cities
+Food Trucks licenses can cost up to $20,000
+More business are going beyond food trucks, ie: clothing stores