Travelling Ontario, Lodges v.s Hotels

      It may come as a surprise that Ontario’s busiest travel season is during the summer months.  Sources say that 33 million people visit and travel Ontario, spending approximately $6 billion. When a survey was conducted, 90% of travellers said that they would prefer to travel their home province before exploring outside Ontario.  Shockingly, people residing outside of Ontario and even Canada expressed an interest in discovering what Ontario has to offer.  These people include residents of New York City, Montreal, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and Rochester.  Whether you are outdoor adrenalin junky or enjoy indoor laid back activities Ontario has it. Activities such as boating, fishing, performances, conservation parks, hiking trails, mountain biking, golfing, historic sites and museums, from the young to the old there is something for everyone.

      It has been reported that most visiting Ontario travel between July and September, to spend quality time with friends and family. Those traveling, are looking for a location that offers everything and more for family getaways, romantic weekend for two and summer vacation homes, which is why stats show more and more people prefer private homes/cottages, over hotels followed by RV camping,  commercial cabins, B&B, resorts ,  and lodges, according to Stats Canada. This is good news for The Lodges at Blue Mountain that make it their goal to find that perfect vacation home. Whether you are staying for one night, a weekend, a week or even a month to enjoy all the sights and sounds that the area of Blue Mountain has to offer such as the Elvis festival, Wake stock, the British car show, BBQ festival, Salsa festival, the Jazz festival, the Village beach party, and so on, The Lodges at Blue Mountain will find you that home away from home.


Summer at Blue Mountain